Attendo software

Attendo is a time, attendance and/or access control system. It includes recording and storing passes, access permissions, data processing and much more. Based on collected data in system, it provides an opportunity of generation numerous reports.

Attendo system enables the user to record daily events, such as arriving to work, going out for a break, business and private outings, end of work time, etc. You can also define time frames for all the permissions. This way, the user has complete and efficient control of the time which employees spend at work, their earliness/lateness, overtime, sick leave, holidays, and also the final cost calculations.

The system provides reports  based on information collected in system. This way users have ability to create adequate reports according to their actual needs. Also the system enables the download of all data in the form of excel documents, as well as the necessary communication with other systems through the web services, depending on business needs.



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