Delivered Attendo system for time and attendance and access control – PREVENT ZENICA D.O.O.

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Attendo system

Attendo is a system for recording work hours of employees and/or access control. It includes recording and storing of passes, access permissions, data processing, and based on the above, possibility to generate reports. System consists of an RFID card or tags terminal, biometric identification or PIN, then server applications and web applications for administration and management of the system itself.


New members of Attendo family – PREVENT ZENICA D.O.O.

It is a great honor to announce that company PREVENT ZENICA D.O.O. has become new member of Attendo family.
System for working hours recording access control use 1350 workers.
At this location three TRIPOD, five M5 and four TC550 terminals are installed, which provide functionality of RFID cards and fingerprint identification.
Besides already mentioned equipment, new member, PREVENT ZENICA D.O.O., decided to use the option of Standalone Server.